Audio Walk - Avdio sprehod
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As a tourist I felt a strong need to get the feeling how is to be a resident of one city I visit. With a Lonely Planet or some other tourist guide it's almost impossible to get the beat and travelers that know anyone from the city they visit in person are seldom. With Audio Walk Ljubljana you get one's very personal story and real beat of the city – Ljubljana off the beaten track.

TiPovej association gave me the leverage to move on, get a team of people and first tracks are yet available for you.

I believe that to get to know some place you visit you have to know the people they live there. Their stories, their little hidden places, their memories … In future I'd like to present you even more stories not just from Ljubljana, also from other places in Slovenia. If you like the idea you are welcome to support the project.

©2007 Miha Knavs